July 24, 2012

plantsMonday evening’s here and my house is upside down. Same old story right?! I have some fun plans this week that involve seeing friends, so we’ll see when this messy house gets back on track. The most monumental moment of last week was having all clothes washed and all clothes put away and there was no single piece of laundry left undone. Of course, now I have one batch that needs to be put away, but let’s see if I can control it before it becomes uncontrollable. Doubt it, but I will try. Also, I did get to clean out our front porch and prettify it up with some plants and some furniture re-arranging. It makes the space much more inviting. I love sitting out there now. Do you have a front porch that you can relax on?

Learned and links…

I love silence. It’s a rare thing, so when I get it, I cherish it.

Glow can pull herself up to stand now.

Love this lyrical bunting DIY.

This gal’s packing is insanely good. I always link to her because her blog always surprises me with good things.

This Competitive Mothering post is good for a heart check when it comes to the blog world.

My friend Kim, who I plan to have my next family shoot with, will be in San Diego this weekend. If you want to get some engagement, family, or just because portraits done, now is the time and she wonderfully good with the camera. See her stuff here and here (and she did the photos for here too). Send her an email at

Don’t forget to enter my Mixie giveaway!

Monday’s already been crazy over here and so I am sure the rest of the week will be too!

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