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September 3, 2010

{song is Let Go by Frou Frou}
Yeah… so Soul turns 9 months today and as you can see she is walking (kinda). I don’t think that is normal compared to my other girls, so maybe this whole delay in eating thing was good and my breast milk gave her some super power. Just maybe.
Besides celebrating her walking, we are happy cause Friday is here and we got a long weekend up ahead for folks here in the U.S. (though Ben just reminded me everyday is the weekend for me), so we are gonna get our happy weekend started with some friends over for dinner tonight. The girls and are I gonna be busy baking fresh bread and desserts, and Ben will cook the main course because cooking is mostly his job.
Have a lovely friday friends! There may be a giveaway this weekend (or I might just wait until Monday).
p.s. Ms. Tips is having a one day only sale. Buy one get 20% off another purchase. I would check this, this and this out. There are great vintage goods with great prices!!!

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