her little gig

March 5, 2009

Have you seen the new Misha Lulu line lately? You must have because it has been seen everywhere… in the latest issue of SMALL and even on Bloesem Kids. Karen has done it again with her wonderfulness and created a perfectly cheerful line for Spring ’09. You really must check out the new collection and site. If you peruse enough, you will see a familiar face here and hereMy True-y did such a good job, but I did discover that she has a “shy smile” just like her mama. My shy smile usually comes out when I am a bridesmaid walking down the aisle (it didn’t come out when I was the bride because I had the most ginormous smile as my eyes locked on my future husband). I think my True is so so cute! 

Thank you Karen for letting True be part of it… we had a blast!
p.s. You can see some Cakies clippies and a Lela doll in some of the photos… way cool! I am so honored.

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