sunday’s flea

October 4, 2010

Yesterday we went to the flea market. It wasn’t just your ordinary trip, no siree. It was very special indeed and to commemorate we left with a few special treats, not too many, but special enough for this visit to the market.
their flea market findsthe big sisters
Though, I have to mention that this was the worst behaved my girls were visiting the flea market. They were fighting, bickering, complaining, it was just all around maddening. That’s all part of the memory making, right? Um, yeah. That definitely was not my thinking while Brave and I were walking around as she was wailing and people just looked at her and awed with compassion. Thank God that afterwards we can always look back and laugh!
And what was it that kept these two happy for some pictures?!! These two vintage umbrellas. They are adorable and we love them, and they come with a fun little story that I will share later (along with the rest of our goodies).
Off to do what we gotta do for the day. Happy Monday!

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