first apples and figs

August 5, 2015

fig and applesfig and applesWe have harvested the first figs and apples from our garden. The apples are Molly’s Delicious and were the perfect blend of crisp and sweet (seriously delicious!). The figs are Kadota and Peter’s Honey, but when Ben planted them in a rush, so he’s not sure which is which. They are the best figs I ever tasted; it was kind of like eating candy because they were so sweet. A lot of figs got chomped on by some beetles, so we don’t have that many this year.

Soon, I’ll share another look at what our garden looks like now. All the trees are doing really well and there’s so much green out there. Ben’s labor of love is paying off and we are getting to enjoy the benefits of having an edible garden. We always joke that gardening is quite an expensive hobby, but when you pick it, it’s free!


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