November 24, 2010

This batch of macarons just ain’t turning out right, so I am giving up. I am not bringing any to Thanksgiving dinner! I would rather be cleaning and doing other things than getting this right. I threw in the towel and am done, at least for now. I will give it another shot next week. After all, I did just crack open one dozen eggs for egg whites, so those egg whites will be plenty ready for next week’s try.
I know I owe you a wrap it up wednesday, but with Thanksgiving tomorrow that will have to wait. Also, I have been a busy bee trying to get things ready for Soul’s birthday next week, that Wednesday crept upon me so fast. I promise to give you two next week! I might be throwing in the towel for this space for the rest of the week, so in case I am not back… I am thankful for all of you!!! Seriously.
Being thankful is an everyday, everywhere occurrence…. happy thanksgiving to all of you (not just for those stateside)!!!
don’t forget the giveaways! i am gonna keep them going through the weekend!


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