November 2, 2010

We went thrifting last week to find Ben some old jeans and suspenders for his Halloween costume, but I also did some looking around for myself. I always check the bedding area for some vintage sheets and that’s when I spotted this pretty vintage blanket. It is so big and in great condition. I showed Ben and he wasn’t a fan, but I decided to bring it home anyways. I am sure glad I did!
thrifted vintage comforterjust prettyme and soulie
Ben says it’s too 70’s and polyester-y for him, but I love it (though I do really wish it was cotton). I immediately washed it and put it on our bed, but Ben really didn’t like the idea, so I took it off. Maybe I can convince him to let us keep it on the bed for just a bit. For now it lays off to the side ready to use when anyone wants to cuddle on the floor.
I am curious, anyone use a vintage polyester comforter on your bed? If this were cotton, it would stay on despite Ben’s dislike, but not sure how cozy it would feel at night. Anyways… cozy or not, it sure is pretty!

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  • Ariel says:

    I found one I couldn't live without…and I just backed it some super soft cotton (actually just a REALLY high thread-count sheet I got on the cheap!), and voila'…problem solved! My hubby hates it too…no worries!

  • Lisa Leonard says:

    oh its so pretty. i love yellow roses. what a find!

  • mandiegirl says:

    It's so pretty, & that girl of yours is just darling! 🙂

  • rebekah. says:

    I like the autumny color of the flowers, but how it is still isn't a heavy-feeling print.

    I'm actually allergic to polyester, so I tend to avoid it in all forms, particularly bedding.

  • love these pictures! the vintage pattern is SO pretty. sometimes boys just don't understand. 😉

    you and your lil baby are so precious!

  • Sara says:

    How about a picnic blanket? Worst case, it'll make a Cool fort! Love that Soul….she's darling!

  • jonahliza says:

    that blanket is so awesome. i love good finds <3 your photos are so darling. thanks for sharing!

  • Hmm, I don't use any polyester comforter…I like a comfy cottony bed too 🙂
    But it makes such a pretty backdrop! Love these photos – simply beautiful 🙂

  • vermiljoen says:

    you definitely know how to sell something: you put that lovely Soulie-baby on it, off course it looks great.
    No What I don't like about these polyester stuff is is the smell, I never seem to get it out…

  • Renee says:

    Ugh….I had a polyester comforter when I was little and it was not comfortable to sleep with at all…I can still remember the feeling…yuck! It does look pretty,though,but maybe you can have it like you said for cuddling,picnics in the living room,etc.And it does make for a cute background…boy is Soul growing quickly! 🙂

  • Alma says:

    You and your soul are too cute. My name is also soul but in spanish : ) hope your family is doing well!

  • janis says:

    oh it sure IS a gorgeous blanket! but what a dilemma about the polyester…

  • I think it looks wonderful!

  • Esther says:

    these sure are precious photos. Soul is getting so big.

  • It's very pretty for a photo, but I can understand why your hubby didn't want the blanket on his bed. My grandparents had a couch made of almost the same material. I love vintage but I don't want to be surrounded by look-alikes from my grandparents' house. 😛

    The comforter on my bedsheet is a silky shiny material with an indian pattern that is very pretty but not quite soft enough. I wish I could find the exact same one, only softer!

  • RachelDenbow says:

    I grew up under a polyester bedspread but it wasn't that pretty! ha!
    I've always passed on them but I love the idea of using them for forts, playing on the ground, photo shoots, etc. Always good for a picnic, too!

    (I tend to justify almost any vintage floral for something!) 😉

    E-mail coming soon!!!!

  • samantha says:

    It's just lovely! But I have a feeling my husband would feel the same as yours… Men and floral prints!

  • Ursi says:

    Hy – I like the roses! The picture with your little sweetheart Soulie is sooo cute!!!! Love Ursula

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