November 2, 2010

We went thrifting last week to find Ben some old jeans and suspenders for his Halloween costume, but I also did some looking around for myself. I always check the bedding area for some vintage sheets and that’s when I spotted this pretty vintage blanket. It is so big and in great condition. I showed Ben and he wasn’t a fan, but I decided to bring it home anyways. I am sure glad I did!
thrifted vintage comforterjust prettyme and soulie
Ben says it’s too 70’s and polyester-y for him, but I love it (though I do really wish it was cotton). I immediately washed it and put it on our bed, but Ben really didn’t like the idea, so I took it off. Maybe I can convince him to let us keep it on the bed for just a bit. For now it lays off to the side ready to use when anyone wants to cuddle on the floor.
I am curious, anyone use a vintage polyester comforter on your bed? If this were cotton, it would stay on despite Ben’s dislike, but not sure how cozy it would feel at night. Anyways… cozy or not, it sure is pretty!

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