wednesday: wrap it up

December 23, 2010

wrap it up
Let’s face it, you are running out of time, you still have a few gifts to get and tons more to wrap, there is no time to make them look pretty, so you just buy paper bags and tissue paper to stick them in. Well, you can prettify those gift wrappings too!
Tie a bow using ribbon, lace (which is what I used), trim or whatever you can get your hands on, and glue onto paper bag. Instant cuteness!
wrap it wednesday
Take some happy tape and bakers twine and make a little bunting. Tape onto the sides of the bag and you got a little more pizazz!
wrap it wednesday
And what is my fave thing to wrap things with this Christmas? That’s right… pages from a catalog, particularly Anthropologie’s. Cut out a cute image and glue it on. Just so chic!
wrap it wednesday
Even a little paper gift bag can be spruced up real quick and on the cheap! Makes gift giving and gift opening a bit more fun! Don’t you think?
Hope you enjoyed this little wrap it up series. It was fun for me and got me done wrapping my presents really early! May you have fun doing any shopping and wrapping still left on your list!
wrap it up: gift tags
wrap it up: tissue paper
wrap it up: trim
wrap it up: paper
wrap it up: yarn
Christmas is almost here… woot! woot!

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