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January 14, 2011

a friday thought and reflection
My attempt to slow down my life. Not sure if you are going full speed ahead, but maybe you need to slow down too!
Since feeling so overwhelmed last week, and my mom helping me realize how much more I need to include God into my day, I will try to use Friday posts as a bit of reflection for myself and hopefully some encouragement for you. This week I started reading A Praying Life and it has helped me to see how fast paced I am living my life!
I don’t pray because 1) There a million things I have to do and thus, there is just no time! 2) I feel far from God, so it feels weird and un-natural. 3) There is so much to pray for, I don’t know where to start.
So far I have learned (though it is something I already knew), God wants us to have childlike faith and to be like a kid when praying. I am sure if you are around kids, then you know they probably just say, “Mom, can I have water?” “Dad, can you buy me that?” Kids just feel so comfortable with their parents (or aunts/uncles, etc.) that they just ask. I have to be that same way with God. He is my father and I can just ask. I don’t need to have a formal prayer and fancy words, just talk to him and ask. Remember though, sometimes the answers take a long time and sometimes the answer is no. You don’t always say yes to the kids in your life, do you? Sometimes, what’s best for them is no, and you see that (because you are older, wiser and see the bigger picture), but they don’t cause they are still kids. Well, that’s the same with us.
So, that’s what I worked on this week. Just asking and talking to God randomly in my head (and heart).

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