paper airplanes and longing for fall

September 30, 2012

us girlsus girlsus girlsus girlsSince Ben and I were sick, we missed gathering with our church family for two weeks and today we were so glad able to join them again! It was a beautiful day out, but much too warm for my taste. It’s over 100 degrees in our area. Oye! I guess Southern California didn’t get the memo that Autumn is here. It’s supposed to stay super hot for the next week and then cool down again next weekend. I can’t wait for Fall! Seriously.

Isn’t Bravey cute?! You gotta agree. Brave totally rocks those aviators! We’re at the point on Sunday mornings, I just yell, “Everybody get dress!” What they put on is pretty much what we leave the house in. So yup! Soul put on her embroidered Mexican dress tucked in her skirt. I tried to untuck it, but she wouldn’t let me. I choose my battles wisely.

How’s the weather where you’re at? Are you bundled up in sweaters? If so, I’m totally jealous. If Fall won’t come to us, we may just hop on a paper airplane and go to it. We’re talking plans to find Fall for my birthday… I’m so excited!

on me: shirt & vest: c/o joa closet. skirt: c/o modcloth. shoes, anthropologie. necklace: c/o addiah (this is similar). on true: skirt & shirt: misha lulu. shoes, toms. on brave: shirt, vintage. shorts: old cut offs. on soul: dress, 3 ring circus. skirt, misha lulu. shoes, c/o freshly picked. on glow: romper, vintage.

14 comments on “paper airplanes and longing for fall”

  • Rebekah says:

    Your posts always make me want more girls…

  • misha lulu says:

    you are just too cool to be my friend!
    ….those paper planes!!!!!

  • Anastasia says:

    I wish we could wear a sweater! But here in Vegas it is still 100F’. It cooled off in the evening, so we are hopeful!

  • Amanda says:

    I give up most of the time battling with making sure my kids are dressed awesome for Church too. Afterall, Church isn’t about looking awesome 🙂 My girls end up in the most mish-mash outfits sometimes hehe.
    Not cold here, we’re in Spring and it is looovely after a cold winter.

  • Aww they are all very cute. I think that would be hard to miss two weeks of church family too!! I work with the youth group and any week without being with them would be sad and difficult for me. I am glad you are feeling better!! It is getting cold here. My boys are in sweatshirts as they are doing school right now and I am in long johns haha. It is about 50 degrees currently in NJ. It should warm up a little though as the day gets later.

  • Virginie says:

    Your family is SO sweet! And their sense of style is pretty cool I think 🙂

    The Autumn weather is definitely in full mode here in Québec, the colours and golden light are just amazing, but I’ll be the jealous one come Winter!

    Virginie xo

  • Danni says:

    Love the necklace! let’s do an outfit swap, haha. Um, the 4th photo of Brave TOTALLY looks like REINNA!!! crazy! She is such a cutie. They all are. Let’s get together 😉

  • Anna says:

    oooh you’re getting better at Photoshop! Love the flying airplane!

    I could send you over all the leaves that have started falling on our driveway! If it’s any consolation- we have been walking in the woods and collecting acorns/conkers and making the most of the Autumn/Fall so it’s not going unappreciated over here.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday x

  • heather says:

    i am quite sick of the heat!! i would even be fine if it was in the 80s!
    the girls look adorable in their outfits they picked out!!
    and last PLEASE teach me photoshop! 🙂

  • Lauren D says:

    What beautiful girls! It is lovely fall weather today here in Calgary, Alberta, but tomorrow we are expecting snow! And only 5 degrees celceius! (41F) Yikes!

  • melissa says:

    Love your technique for getting children clothed on a Sunday! I’ve got to try that one sometime. Your girls are just too cute.
    Fall seems to have hit here in London and the leaves are already changing. I’m freezing while denying the time has come to really bundle up, but I shouldn’t complain since it’s been a sunny and warm September until now.

  • jozen says:

    hi friend! come up to vancouver, bc, Canada for fall! the leaves are just beginning to change colors right now. you guys can even crash at my place 🙂


  • felix witt says:

    this entry reminded me of why i loved Rosie Thomas’ “paper airplane” song. check it out!

  • Sally says:

    It’s definitely Fall here in the SF Bay Area. Not too cold yet but the trees are shedding their leaves everywhere. I’m originally from Australia where the trees keep their leaves all year round so I’m loving seeing the leaves falling and my kids love running through them. I’m sure anyone who has to sweep them up isn’t a fan though!
    Your paperplane necklace is cute. My favourite Australian jewellery designer Victoria Mason makes a pretty similar one in silver. She has gorgeous, quirky creations. You should check her out here…

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