June 4, 2012

Bathing suit season is upon us and I am happy to introduce you to Lime Ricki. When they first emailed me, I was instantly smitten with their stuff. They were cute, colorful, and modest. I will admit I have never been a bikini wearer. I just feel too exposed and when I was a teenager and did wear a two-piece, I probably had a tankini on top of that and then I felt better. The only time I have ever worn a bikini was on my honeymoon in far off Fiji, where I was sure not to be seen by anyone except my husband, and a few other strangers on the beach. Now that I have popped out four girls, I for sure won’t ever wear a bikini again because I really have tons of stretch marks on my belly. My tattoo of fire as I like to call it, so stylish suits that cover me up are just my cup of tea.
Lime Ricki not only has things for gals, but dudes too. I think that’s nice. I really like this dotted one and this madras one. These are adorably cute and Lime Ricki were so kind to send me one and I wore it under my shorts for Foam Fest and they felt nice and were cute (no one could see them though). This one piece looks fantastic and will hide my mom pooch. As much as I work out, that little pooch just won’t disappear. I am very thankful for spanx. If you take a lookie around the site, I am sure you will find some cute styles and patterns that will catch your eye! 
One of you will get lucky and win the bathing suit of your choice from Lime Ricki! Also, if you just can’t wait, Cakies readers get 15% off using the coupon code mycakies (deal on for two weeks). Great, right?! Here are some things you can do to enter:
1. Tell me what your eyeing from Lime Ricki.
2. Blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway and leave separate comments to the links here.
Now, if you do all of the things mentioned above, you might even be able to up your chances by getting your name in 4 times! Fantastic, right? Open to U.S. residents only.
The giveaway will end at 8am PST on Sunday, June 10th and the winner will be announced via twitter (follow me on twitter here) on Monday. Good luck! 
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