May 7, 2011

Last Friday over 50 million people watch the television to watch the royal wedding live. This past Friday, yesterday, 7 people watched over the internet this couple get engaged live.

watching the engagement livewatching the engagement livewatching the engagement live
These pictures were taken right before the proposal because when we were actually watching it happen, baby sister and I were crying like big babies! Hugging each other and crying and wishing with all our heart that we were there!!!
The engagement took place on the east coast (we are on the west coast). Both sets of parents, along with Christian’s siblings, flew out to surprise my sister, who was completely clueless. They are there with our east coast-so-close-we-are-pretty-much-family-peoples. My other siblings and I could not make it due to work obligations and well, it is just too darn expensive for me to fly there with all my kids. We all have spent months of lying and tricking her and now the secrets are all out. And folks… we got a wedding to plan!
I am sure there will be a video of the actual engagement soon (and in honor, I want to dig out mine and share it) and a plethora of pictures (here’s a teaser) to follow as Ica Images was on hand to capture everything.
OMG!!! My little sister is getting married!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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