June 4, 2012

White. I just want white, but why is it so hard to decide which white for kitchen cabinets?! Ugh! There’s dove white, ultra white, pale bloom, whisper white, swiss coffee, and the list goes on. The above was swiss coffee, which I was thinking wasn’t white enough for me that I wanted to switch to dove white, but dove white looked pretty much the same. It took me 5 hours to figure that out. Though I did decide to change from satin finish to semi-gloss. The satin just looked too dull and I am thinking a bit more shine will reflect more light and be brighter. I like brighter. I hate the fact that I get completely obsessed with these details. Anyhow, let’s hope life can now go on. There are much more important things after all. 
Last week was a blur. We moved back in, still don’t have baseboards, and they started working on the kitchen. On top of that, I got mastitis and Ben had to call out of work to stay home and take care of the girls because I was in a lot of pain. Here we are with a brand new week. It hasn’t been normal here for so long that I am forgetting what normal was like. 
Learned and links…
Can’t wait for a bright kitchen like this
This stripe is calling my name.
Melody is so good. When it comes to house details, I like to bug her because she is an architect and has a good eye.
The San Antonio Spurs have me really stressed right now. They gotta win tonight’s game. 
Love the design of this chair.

Don’t forget to enter this giveaway.

Ben and I are working on praying more together. We are much too prideful about our self reliance. 
Happy Monday! True has one day of school left, but there will be Bratcher summer school going on for sure.

10 comments on “HUZZAH!”

  • Holly says:

    Semi gloss is also much easier to clean…important to think about with white kitchen cabinets! Love your style and hope you feel better…mastitis is the worst 🙁

  • cranny + b says:

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. What a blessing that your husband could come home! On a separate note, we are currently renting and our home is painted the most wonderful shade of off-white on the inside. It gives this beautiful creamy glow to pictures that I am so in love with. I too love whites and brights— hope you find the perfect one!

  • elo. says:

    hahaha you have the spirit of a graphic designer 😉

  • karlamcurry says:

    I love your resolve to pray more together as a couple. I feel like my husband and I spend quality time together, both talking and having fun, but we don't always connect on a spiritual level. Something to work on!

  • claire says:

    we have valspar's lemon edge on our trim and our kitchen cabinets. i love it!

  • Linda Park says:

    11 more days. they better be done in 11 (working days) cuz i'm coming over! errday.

  • It's ALL in the details 😉 I love how you decorated your little table… Sorry about the mastitis. I've had it- it's no fun!

  • Faith says:

    Seriously. We wanted a white for our woodwork when we started painting last summer (still not done- everything takes longer when you've got lots of littles running around), and it took a bit for me to settle on a shade. Hope things get back to “normal” for you soon!

  • Stephanie says:

    I have Dutch Boy cabinet and trim super high gloss on my cabinets. It's great and only comes in two whites! 🙂 Looking great at your house.

  • raku says:

    I had mastitis several times with my baby girl and was wondering, Why God, Why?!?! But about a year later a friend, whose doctor-father told her this, said women who have had mastitis have less of a chance of developing breast cancer! So, I said, ok God, I want your plans, I don't get them, but I want them. I know you pray that often as well, so I thought I would commiserate and also cheer you on to keep trusting Him.

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