February 19, 2012

hello february
February things that make this month busy…
– My middle sister’s wedding came and went.
– Recuperating from my sister’s wedding.
Valentine’s came and went.
– My parents celebrated 31 years of marriage on Feb. 14th. That’s right. Them lovebirds got married on Valentine’s Day! And that’s right… I was a honeymoon baby!
– My friend’s bachelorette luncheon this coming Saturday. I have another wedding to be a part of on March 10th!
– Signed up for my first official 5k. My current distance ability is 5k (I started running in December), but I have time to improve my run time before the race on April 22nd.
I still have a few things to sew for my friend’s upcoming wedding in March, along with the regular housekeepings and goings, so the theme here is always “Busy, busy, busy!” What things keep your Februarys busy?
p.s. don’t forget the giveaways going on and if you want to be a sponsor for March, send me an email!

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