June 5, 2012

{circa 2005, a month before we got married}
Dear Spurs,
Okay, three straight losses after a 20 game win streak really hurts. Like really. Like so bad that I really couldn’t even watch the game and had to go to the grocery store just to get out the house because the stress was too much hurt. 
Here’s the deal. You got two more chances. I do realize if you lose, and I hope you don’t, it’s cause it wasn’t God’s will for you to win. I get that. God’s got a bigger picture in mind and somehow this comes into play even though I don’t understand, so I will trust in it. But I would really like it if you somehow got out of your slumped and just nailed it. I know you can. Be smart. Capitalize. Make some stops. Get nasty.
Amidst the heart crushing loss of tonight’s game and Ben and I really feeling down in the dump sad about it, like seriously we got some real sadness going on here, there is more to life than basketball. As much as we love you Spurs, you will never satisfy. If we base our happiness on you, we will be left more empty than full. We will only find true joy and satisfaction in Christ. We struggle with loving God and more often find excitement in things that don’t matter. Ahem… in things like you. Sorry to say as much as we love you, our loving you doesn’t make a dent in eternity. In fact, you pretty much are just a time waster. With all of this, we gotta thank you for making this game be a heart check for us. Our hearts being so sad after your loss, makes us realize we aren’t loving Christ and living our life the way He has called us to, so for that we thank you. 
Anyways, we got game 6 in two days, so get your act together and let’s give them Thunders a big spanking! Come on Spurs… let’s do this!  #gospursgo
the Bratchers who really want to go back to SA for a championship parade!

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  • nila1920 says:

    umm…how much do I reeeeally love you for posting this! We are currently stationed in Utah, but we were raised in SA. My husband and I have our sad faces on too:( They better GET NASTY game 6!!!

    p.s. your hubby kinda looks like Parker..hehe

    • Rubyellen says:

      nila1920- yes, they better get nasty for real! and funny story… we were in the spurs shop in SA several years ago and ben and i were getting funny looks from the employees. they come up to ben and ask him, “Are you Tony Parker's cousin?” Yeah. i totally think they look alike too!

  • I see so much of Brave in Ben in this picture and I never had before.

  • lol! i love this! i love you! I totally would do this to on my blog with the celtics. twins! and my heart was kinda broken too when i heard the news after dance. take down the thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane says:

    Where I live it's all about the hockey….our city lives and breathes hockey….and our team was knocked out in the first round of the championships…!!! I honest to goodness had coworkers coming into the office with tears in their eyes the next day!

  • CarleeKajsa says:

    First world problems 🙂

  • Rima says:

    it's sooo funny that you had to leave the house to avoid the stress. being in a house full of Lakers fan (call me a bandwagon), sometimes I had to leave the house due to the crazy shenanigans my family goes thru during a LakeShow. Proof: I have a hole in the wall because of my brother was so pissed at a game, he punched the wall. Multiple items were thrown towards the TV because of a foul call (thanks, Ma). My ears sting when I hear yelling. Oh what joy.

    But gotta love sports.

  • Aarika says:

    I can relate…. my husband and I cried and cried when the 49ers came SO close to going to the Superbowl this year and didn't make it. Heartbreaking! >_<

  • Anne says:

    Ha. I feel ya. My hubby is from NY and is a DIE HARD Yankees, Giants, and Knicks fan. If any of his teams lose, I have to prepare myself for a cranky night in the house. I have converted to a Yankees and Giants fan as I never really followed Baseball and Football and I've grown to love both teams (ahem, our younger sons name is Gehrig after the Yankee). I did however follow basketball, and am still a Lakers fan. My husband HATES the Lakers, and when they win, especially during a championship series, I can guarantee that we usually don't speak to each other the whole night. 🙂 The emotions that sports evokes is crazy!

  • melody says:

    awwwww, such a cute picture but such a sad post :T. I'm feeling conflicted here! lol… We went to Danny's last night to watch the Kings but caught the tail end of the Spurs game and I was totally thinking of you guys. It's ok, they can make a comeback!!!… haha and by the way, ever since this morning Taylor won't stop talking about why I don't wear a Rockets Jersey during games to support him, hahaha, siiiigh….

  • Jacquis says:

    I just started following your blog a few months ago but I had no idea you were a Spurs fan, Rubyellen! As someone who follows you all the way from SA, reading this made my day!! GO Spurs GO! And I agree Ben looks like Tony Parker for sure!

  • seriously awesome post…
    sometimes you just need that perspective…
    even from something as silly as professional sports (of which my husband is a BIG fan!!!).
    thanks rubes, for keeping it real!

  • liezl says:

    WOW. My husband and I really appreciate your wise reflections. As major fans of both basketball AND God, we totally relate to you and Ben. Plus we would REALLY love to see San Antonio bring down OKC (aka ZOMBIE SONICS — SEATTLE SUPERSONICS RIP!!!!). It's tough, because it's hard to deny that these athletes possess out-of-this-world talent, passion, and pure fight…on the other hand, what's up with these false idols we create for ourselves? There is certainly a line between being entertained and losing sight of what's TRULY important. So much love to you and your inspiring words!

  • shelbyisms says:

    I'm a Thunder fan (from the OKC area), and I just have to say… Sorry 'bout it 🙂

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