June 5, 2012

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Still loving my green denim. Definitely still makes me excited even if Ben isn’t a huge fan. Whenever I wear my colored denim, I just feel extra fun. Anyone else get that feeling?

I feel like I have been all over the place these last few weeks. My mind is so scattered and there are so many things going on. I’m also tired of eating out and really miss cooking. Sometimes I will just eat cereal or yogurt because outside food is kinda boring and mostly low nutrition. Got two more days until we have our kitchen back. Geez a louise, I can hardly wait.

on me: shirt, j.crew outlet. scarf, c/o scarves dot net. pants, urban outfitters. shoes, c/o blowfish shoes. connected necklace, c/o lisa leonard.

15 comments on “PEEK A BOO”

  • neilandnikki says:

    i love colored denim too! i am never “on top” of trends but i bought a pair of coral jeans and i just can't get enough of them! love the green- i just might need to add some green to my denim wardrobe as well….

  • Keri-Anne says:

    oh i love them! i am not that brave, i have some grey denim jeans but that is all. i want some burgandy ones 🙂

  • Lola says:

    Hello there!
    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and everyday I hope I will discover a new message here 🙂 I love reading your posts and admiring your pictures! A real pleasure who inspires me and makes me happy. seriously it makes me enjoying life even more than I usually do 🙂 Thank you!
    Your kids are stunning! And I love your style.
    Soon I going to your country (I'm from France) and reading your blog makes me want to go even more! I can't wait! If you have good addresses for fashion, food, museums and other things to do in Chicago do not hesitate to share it with me 🙂

    I wish you a beautiful week to you and your family!
    cheers! and thanks for reading my comment

    here is my blog about my trip to Chicago :

  • Rima says:

    i do believe I have a light purple denim somewhere… gotta find them.

  • Joy says:

    I LOVE your green denim! I scored my own pair a couple months ago…Look! Oh, yeah baby! On another note, I've got to tell you I can't wait to see a home tour with your new floors! The bits and pieces you've posted are GORGEOUS!! I can't imagine how antsy you feel, but take heart! The renovations will be done soon and within a week you'll forget how anxious you feel right now 🙂

  • About says:

    LOVE your denim. Got myself a pair too, but too shy to wear…aw me. You look classy, comfy and cute, perhaps I'll get into my pair- you're just the inspriation I needed! Cheers~Deirdre

  • melody says:

    awwww, your outfit is so happy and pretty just like you Ruby! 🙂 i waaaaaaaaant that scarf!

  • sofia says:

    love the denim! I wish I could find some that cute!

  • I wore my green denim today, too – instant good mood!

  • 1. GIFs are super fun

    2. Colored denim is even more fun:):):):) I have hot pink shorts and bright royal blue shorts and i absolutely love wearing them! They make a normal shorts + tee outfit so much more!

  • Linda Park says:

    i got myself a bright blue pair. let's swap 'em for a week to change it up!

  • Christine says:

    Rubyellen, I love the shoes! There's a deal going on over at Blowfish right now so I might put an order in…are they comfy?

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