May 31, 2012

little red
little red

True’s got one week left of school. She’s homeschooled, but takes enrichment classes one day a week. I can’t believe how fast the school year has flown by.

I like drawing. If I had the time, I could doodle all day. My dream job was to be animator and illustrate characters. Somehow that got lost in the shuffle somewhere and I became a teacher. I loved being a teacher too. I would also love to be a graphic designer and I randomly like to make little poems. When I lived in London with the BFF, I was making rhymes for everything and BFF would call me Toula Seuss. Toula because I had crazy hair (and glasses) like the girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Seuss because I made rhymes all the time.  There are too many things I like to do. Ben says I have way too many hobbies.

on true: dress, vintage. socks, target. shoes, salt-waters c/o tea collection.

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