March 17, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Taxes are done! Woot!

The girls are so cute playing “Golden Years.” I think I have artists and entrepreneurs on my hands.

Thankful for Glow’s progress in reading. She’s a math girl (my one and only), but she’s starting to like reading. YAY!

My BFF is such a blessing as she’s been sending food to help ease our crazy weeks of late. Also, thankful for everyone in our community. It takes a village to live life.

I can’t do the bangs thing, but I love this hairstyle. Makes me want to go with my natural waves instead of put foam rollers on my head every night.

Such a great pair of high-waisted jeans. I found 2 really good ones this week. One will make it to the shop, but I’m probably keeping the other.

Our front yard edible garden is coming along. I need to share an update!

Trying out this Shea Butter Shampoo for the first time. I like the smell of it so far.

Enjoy your weekend! We’ve got birthday parties and house projects this weekend. How about you?

2 comments on “HUZZAH!”

  • Deborah says:


    I was a silent follower of your blog for many years when you first started..don’t even remember how I came across it but I completely LOVE your style, your family insights, and your openness about your faith.

    Back then I was just a single girl browsing beautiful diy blogs, dreaming of meeting my husband and decorating my own home. I loved following your blog and often felt like you were a long lost sister (not weird at all!! ) Then Google shut down their reader service and me being stuck in my old ways, never jumped aboard new RSS platforms and subsequently lost touch with my favorite blogs :/ Now 10 years later, I’m married with 2 kids! (Praise the good Lord for that! Haha!) Life’s been busy but my husbands been encouraging me to reconnect with my old hobbies and I remembered your blog. SO happy to find you’re still writing!

    So, what I wanted to say is..thanks for being such an inspiration and encouragement to me both aesthetically and spiritually and as a wife and mom! You have no idea how many times I’ve shared your blog posts with friends and family. I’m finally committing myself to using Feedly and yours is the first blog I’ve added 😀

    So thanks 🙂

  • Christina C says:

    Curious what foam rollers you use?

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