May 30, 2012

rj and merj and me
rj and me
Baby sister and I kind of like to be matchy-matchy. We have similar tastes so sometimes we end up with the same things, especially when it comes to shoes. Too bad I am a half size bigger than her. She can borrow my shoes, but I can’t borrow hers. She is always eagerly anticipating when I purge through my closet because that means everything gets passed down to her.

My mom was telling me that we get older, we are becoming more and more alike. They have a hard time telling us apart on the phone. RJ, which stands for Richelle Jean, is just much sweeter than me and I am slightly more responsible than her (Her laziness comes from being the baby and getting away with things like not washing dishes). We kind of balance each other out and when you get us together, we just like being silly!

on baby sister
dress: sugarlips
shoes: c/o lotta from stockholm

on me…
shirt: f21 (old)
denim shirt: madewell
connected necklace: c/o lisa leonard
skirt: kohls
shoes: c/o lotta from stockholm

15 comments on “SILLY TOGETHER”

  • Leire says:

    I read her blog 'richellephant'. She s gorgeous…not that you aren't, but she's got this really really sweet beauty. I love her clothes taste, I love that she is happy to say she has an 'older' taste than your mom and I love that she dances. RJ, if you read this I WANT TO SEE A CLIP OF YOU DANCING PLEASE 🙂 and if it's with your nieces…then I might be so overwhelmed with joy!

  • JD & Chrissy says:


  • Mariana says:

    Beautiful sisters!!
    To be honest, I'm not very good at seeing family similarities, but it seems to me that Brave looks a lot like your sister. And both are gorgeous!
    You're gorgeous, too! 😉

  • Lizeylou says:

    I love those shoes … if only my legs were as gorgeous to put in them!!

  • Lisa says:

    This is so sweet! Yes love the shoes as well, looking into finding a pair for the summer.

  • Miss Cass says:

    i was an only child so it got a bit lonely around here… i wish i had a sister i was close to like that. but i'm living through my children… watching them have a close relationship the way they do is awesome (and they are six years apart).

  • Vang says:

    It's nice to see such a close relationship despite the years apart. I'm always worried that my kids will have difficulty getting along (3 years apart), and it's nice to see that for some siblings years don't matter in how close their relationship is.

  • About says:

    So sweet! My sister and I are also 10 yrs apart…and we live so far apart! Great to share that sisterly love!

  • Kate says:

    You are both so cute! Beautiful beautiful outfits!

  • Olivas says:

    I absolutely love those sandals!!!!!

  • Corrie Anne says:

    How sweet! Wishing I had a sister closer in age!

  • I loved it! I have this with some friends, not with my baby sister… ; (

  • You and your sis are DARLING! And yay, comments working for me again! 🙂

  • So cute, and I LOVE your matching lottes!

  • HAHA you talk so much like an older sibling. I'm the baby in my family so I laugh at this, but then again, none of us have ever been lazy and my siblings and I are all very hard working people, but most baby siblings I have met ARE indeed pretty irresponsible. I think because my brothers are so much older than me, when they were out of the house, I was still a young teenager and took up all their responsibilities plus my own, while when they were there, we each had our own responsibilities. . .but anyway I just thought this was hilarious and it is so cute that you two are alike. I find I am pretty similar to my oldest sibling too, while the middle one is very different from us. I wish I had a sister like you have. how cool that you can share so much with each other and have similar tastes!!! You are both adorable.

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