May 29, 2012

house stuff
Oh man. We were supposed to be done with the floor construction yesterday, but the contractor did a no-show. That’s no bueno. In fact this is his fourth no-show, so you can imagine how frustrated we are. Despite our frustrations, most everything is done and I love my floors. They are so pretty. 
The picture shows the progression from carpet to the white oak to the white-stained white oak. It’s as dreamy as I imagine white floors to be. Now if we can just get that contractor to finish and put up the baseboards… argh! Once we are settled, you can be sure there will be a house tour. 
We had a nice long weekend over here thanks to all those who serve our country bravely, but it is back to school and work for everyone tomorrow. Hope you all had a swell weekend and no contractors left you hanging!

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