July 10, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We are closer to being done with the stairs. Thankful that it’s looking pretty close to what I imagined. I shared a pic on snapchat (username: mycakies), if you want to follow me there!

Many blessings this weekend with being able to do a special getaway with Soul and Glow. It’s also our 11th anniversary!

True and Brave come back in two weeks!!! We are so excited to have the gang back together, but we still have lots to do to get their room ready.

Love Wildy Co. and everything they stand for. My girls would love this navy dress.

That new Gia Coppola &  Everlane collection looks so classic.

Put some white legos in this mid century basket and it looks like a sleek way to display toys. We don’t have legos, so maybe they are too small and would go through the basket, Maybe this basket would be better. I love how Tara displays hers.

On a more important subject, my heart has been heavy for all the sad news this week. “This American Moment” article by John Piper speaks well to the current tension in America. It’s important for all of us to see black lives matter. We are all beautifully created in God’s image; we are all image bearers meant to glorify Him. Black, white, and all other beautiful cultures God created, those with disabilities, and yes, the unborn too… we all matter. God is holy and created all of us in His image, we all sin and fall short of His perfection, and are thus separated from Him. But Jesus… the innocent man who died for the guilty, for all of us, gave His life, so we could live. He reconciles those, who repent and believe, back to God. God’s Word is truth and Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Life and truth is very precious. Thus, every soul matters.

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