cozy sweater and jeans

March 3, 2015

cozy sweater and jeanscozy sweater and jeanscozy sweater and jeansIt’s been California cold again, so it’s cozy sweater time. It probably won’t last long, and I know it’s not the kind of cold most everyone else is dealing with, but it still requires us to bundle up a teensy bit (compared to our typical short sleeves, short dress, and sandals kind of days). The past few days have been predicting rain, but we barely got any. I don’t know why they are always getting it wrong in Southern California. Seriously.

I’m not typically a denim person. It’s not something I’ve ever splurged on. Actually, I did once, and it was on some maternity denim jeans when I was pregnant with Brave. During those nine months, I only wore jeans and t-shirts, anything else made me nauseous. Those pregnancy hormones are so strange, aren’t they?!

I love the look of vintage Levi’s 501s (like this), but it’s hard to find ones that fit me just right. I did thrift a pair not too long ago, but it’s slightly too big (I still wear them though). I like these boy jeans in a cropped length, but figured I could find similar at the thrift store. With new styles these days, I think most of it could be thrifted and for much less (or I just sew it). Plus, I’d rather save on clothes and splurge on shoes.

Take this sweater for example, there was this one from Piperlime that I loved, so I was excited to come across this similar cropped one at the thrift store. Score! These jeans were from the boys section and I love them. I’m short at 5 foot even, so I think the technical rules are shorties like me shouldn’t wear cropped boy jean style, but I say whatever to that and I’ll wear what I like.

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