blue on blue

May 30, 2017

Since I’ve been challenging myself to not wear blue denim as much, and I’ve been donning more creams, whites, and some reds lately, it felt really weird to wear all blue. The other day I was going to a birthday lunch and put on a denim dress, it didn’t feel like me, so I put on another denim dress, same feeling, so I put on this reddish dress and felt much more comfortable. I’m not giving away all my denim blue just yet, I think it’s just this weird mood I’m in. Our lives have been especially chaotic these past few weeks with finishing up homeschool, working on house projects (and rearranging things), hosting another family in our home, and trying to get Wovenfolk going, so maybe all of that is throwing me off. If you have wondered why it’s been quieter here than norm, it’s because of all of the reasons mentioned above.

If you like the vintage arc-shaped basket, it’s currently available here. It’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

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