lots of comfort

May 18, 2017

Woot! Got a new color into the mix. I found this oversized, vintage dress (the shape has ilana kohn steven jumpsuit vibes) and debated on it because of the color. The girls said, “You won’t wear it because of the color.” Well, I proved them wrong. I love it. I was thinking of turning it into a jumpsuit, but I think I will leave it as is. I love it loose and oversized dress; it’s definitely comfortable. Also, it’s 100% silk, so this dress is definitely a keeper. Glad I didn’t listen to my girls.

I’m excited to finally have WOVENFOLK up and running! I have plenty more to load in the shop, so stay updated on instagram (@wovenfolk). I missed being a shop lady (anyone remember my Cakies shop?), but I had to stop after we had Soul. It was too much to have 3 little ones and the constant sewing I was doing for all my orders. I’m excited to be back into it and have an outlet to share my love for pretty woven things. If you love the tote in these photos, it’s available right here. I love the knotted pom poms at the top.

on me: dress, vintage (similar here and here). sandals, banana republic. woven tote, wovenfolk.


2 comments on “lots of comfort”

  • Michelle says:

    I just ordered those BR shoes in red after seeing them on you! I hope the blue ones come back in stock in my size soon 🙂

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