September 16, 2011

then there were FOURthen there were FOURthen there were FOURthen there were FOUR
Once there was three… and then there were FOUR!!!
The girls are doing so well with Glow. Soul is the most animated about it all and Glow is the only name she will say. She doesn’t even say Brave or True! I was really worried about how she would do with having a new baby around, but Soul is absolutely loving the new role she has been given! Every morning, she wants to see her and talk to her and usually, wherever Glow is, is where she wants to be. I think she found herself a new partner!
Things are well here. I am trying to nap when I can, Ben’s mom has been wonderful handling the older two girls, Ben has been under the weather so sadly hasn’t held Glow since we came home from the hospital, Glow is glowing with all the love she is being given, and we are all just trying to find a new rhythm to our days. Though, I think it will be a bit of time until that rhythm becomes steady.
I have so much to say and write and record from these past few days, and I am sure all these emotions and memories will trickle into a post soon. The thing most of you may be curious about is how birthing went and I have a flood of emotions attached to that isn’t quite ready to make it out of my heart, but I will say this… hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to birth. Until then, thank you all for the love you all have been sending and continue to send!

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