September 15, 2011

If you haven’t followed on twitter, well, we have got ourselves another GIRL!!! Whew! I am so glad this secret is finally out.
Like our other girls, coming up her name took a very, very long while. I mean what comes after True, Brave, Soul, which almost sounded complete, but obviously wasn’t. There was a message we heard one sunday while gathered with our church family, it is what inspired this banner, and ever since then we played with the names Bright, Shine, Light, but nothing felt right. It wasn’t too long ago that somehow the word glow popped up and we kept thinking about it. The more we thought about it and its definition, the more we fell in love, and knew it was perfect!
our little Glow
Our prayer is that our Glow would possess the light of Christ and shine her light so brightly (Matt 5:14-16). Amorette was the perfect middle name because we got four loves and she is our littlest one!
our little Glow
We are all sorts of over the moon in love with this little Glow. True’s in love. Brave’s in love. And Soul is all-over-kissing-her-everywhere in love too! We are definitely enjoying this very special time. I have got more stories to tell about these past few days, but right now I am going to go back to cuddling. You understand right?!!
our little Glow
Thank you for all those who sent well wishes via twitter and followed the birth that way. That twitter updating was all Ben; it was the first time he ever tweeted! I didn’t even tell him, next thing I knew, after I gave birth, I find out he had become a twitter addict! Even Ben so appreciates all the love and support you all give. It really does mean a lot to this little family of six! SIX!!! And how is Ben coping with the having 4 little girls?! Well, maybe that should come in another post…
That’s right… now we got a True, Brave, Soul, Glow!!!

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