September 18, 2011

sleeping Glow
And just like that, our lives have changed and now this family has definitely got a Glow!
This week’s learned and links…
– Soul loves being a big sister and all of a sudden she talks a whole lot more.
– True and Brave have such a vivid imagination and can go on and on role playing for hours!
– Man oh man. I forgot how much work breastfeeding is.
– Giving birth without drugs can be done. It is hard work, but very doable.
– I am loving having four little girls! And so is Ben.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ours is full of resting, sleeping in, more afternoon naps, and a whole lot of Jane Austen movies while I feed the baby (thanks to Ben’s mom has been so kind to lend a helping hand with the bigger girls).

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