May 25, 2012

record and floors
It’s good to be back home and it feels really good to have wood floors and my floors are so pretty!!! I was in awe the moment I walked in the door. All the furniture comes back in the house on Monday and I can’t wait.

We just spent the week at my parents’ house while the downstairs floors were being sanded, stained, and sealed. All the girls aren’t home yet because they are off at Disneyland with the grandparents, but I get to clean and prep the house for the girls’ arrival. The floors are done and baseboards go in on Sunday. Next week, the kitchen cabinets get painted white and then all the house fixing up dust should settle for a bit. 

This week’s learned and links…
Soul’s getting even more sassier. I think this might spell trouble later.
Glow is eating baby food… carrots and peas!!!
True has one cavity and got it filled sans any numbing. Dang. Kids are tough. 
I like my mom making pancakes and waffles in the morning!
Finally watched the season finale of Fringe. So good. I am such a sci-fi mystery geek. I’m sad next season is their last. 
Lime Ricki sent me these and I love them. They will be perfect under my shorts for tomorrow’s foam fest run
I barely worked out this week, so I am nervous about the 8′ and 12′ walls I have to climb tomorrow, but if I eat it, I will have more to laugh about. 
Off to get some cleaning done. It’s a long weekend over here with Memorial Day on Monday, so not sure if I will be back in this space until Tuesday. I have a feeling I will be busy decorating. Happy weekending friends!!!

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