May 25, 2012

Oh man. I am learning with any type of home fixing up, stress levels are high and homemade meals are really non-existent. Though, I did get one cooked night in and I decided to go with Patty Melts…
patty melts and carrot fries
Patty Melts are something I remember my mom making for us often when we were kids and I wanted something kind of nostalgic to make for my girls during this busy time. I am definitely a fan of these types of sandwiches and I loved it paired with some carrot fries. Yum. Yum.
Here’s how to make my type of Patty Melts…
– rye read
– 1 onion diced
– 1 lb. lean ground turkey
– Kraft Singles American Cheese
-unsalted butter
Dice the onions and with a fork mix it into the lean ground turkey. Form oval shape patties and season both sides of the patty with salt and pepper. Cook patties on a skillet until cooked all the way through. 
Meanwhile, butter the outside parts of the bread. On one slice of bread, top with 2 slices of cheese, a patty, and another slice of bread on top. I had a panini maker handy, so I just used that to finish the sandwich off. This made about 6 servings for us, but will differ a bit depending how much meat you put in your patties.
patty melts and carrot friespatty melts and carrot fries
The rye bread gives the nice little kick and mixed in with a slice (or 2 because I like things cheesy) of Kraft Singles… I love it! So do my girls, which is most important. I miss my mom making these for me, but I am glad I can make them for my girls now. Hopefully next week things will calm down a bit and our kitchen can begin operation again and I can be cooking more than once a week. I really miss my kitchen!
Week of 5/28 – 6/1
Monday: Burgers (it’s memorial day over here!)
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Dumplings
Thursday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Friday: Sushi Night! 
I’m crossing my fingers that I will be back in my kitchen next week. 
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*As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a coupon for a free Kraft Singles and a stipend.

6 comments on “FAMILY MEALS: 19”

  • Rubyellen, that looks delicious! I do have one question for ya though, how did you make the carrot fries? I have never thought to do that but they look and sound delish… I'll be praying for your home construction to wrap up smoothly.

  • Phyllis says:

    Hello from Singapore though we will be moving to Idaho like tomorrow! May I know what's the font that you used for those photo captions?


  • Errin says:

    Looks delicious!! How do you make these ‘carrot fries?!’

  • JosefJuicy says:

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