diy: hanging paper hearts

February 9, 2015

hanging paper heartsHanging Paper Ornaments
inspired by this pin 

1/8″ hole puncher
Baker’s twine, cut to 6″ strands for each hanging heart

Draw your heart, and cut it out to use as a template to create other hearts. Cut out all your heart pieces; each ornament uses two hearts. Pair up all of your hearts. On one of the pairs punch a hole near the top (below the center V), and then cut a slit 2/3 of the way up towards the hole. On the second heart, cut a slit 2/3 of the way downward toward the bottom point of the heart. Tie your twine through the hole, and knot the ends together. Insert the two slits together to form your 3-dimensional heart.

hanging heartshanging heartsAfter doing some research to see the source of this pin, it led me to this Valentine’s Day tree project (from house that lars built). Her tree is a bit fancier with the addition of wee birds and multicolored hearts; it’s so whimsical and fun! We are perfectly happy with our simple tree, and it’s getting the girls excited for Saturday. We do have some gifts for the girls, so we will put it under the hanging hearts, and we will be celebrating the day with an adventure and probably dessert. Honestly, I’ll take dessert any day.


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