January 27, 2012

Week two almost done. Whew! I about threw in the towel with this meal planning thing because Ben and I had some miscommunication issues on what we needed for the meals. Totally still learning how to work with getting groceries ahead of time for the meals planned and so our planned meals started later this week. Though, I did cook an oven baked chicken on Monday, but didn’t use a recipe and just went off what I learned from my mom once. Tuesday was for finishing Monday’s leftovers.
family meal: week two
Cooking pork chops can be tricky because it can dry out quickly. I really like how simple the whole process for this meal was. All was done within 40 minutes and that sage rub on the pork chop really gave it a nice flavor. I was going to substitute the mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower, but I didn’t communicate to Ben to get cauliflower, so we made do with potatoes. The recipe came out yummy indeed, though Ben did pick out the onions because there was a whole lot!
Thursday was for eating Cheddar BLT Burgers with Tarragon Russian Dressing and Sweet Potato Fries….
family meal: week two
Oh yummy! That sauce was really good! That mix of tarragon, parsley, and onions along with the other ingredients made this burger so delicious. The patty was plain and was just salted and peppered with sharp cheddar cheese on top, but it is the sauce that made this burger. Also, we didn’t use the meat the recipe called for, but but use lean ground turkey instead and turkey bacon. Will definitely make that sauce again to accompany other burgers. For veggies, we had our trusty sweet potato fries. We coat them in extra virgin olive oil, season them with taco seasoning, stick them in the oven, and they always come out good.
Next week will be slightly tricky since it is the week leading up to the wedding and I have a feeling I may not be home as often, but I will still have my plan in placed just in case. Our freezer is fully stocked with chicken breast we bought on sale, so chicken will be the main attraction for the week.

Week of 1/30-2/3:
Monday: Chicken Piccata
Tuesday: Apple-Honey Drumsticks (and we will use chicken breast also)
Wednesday: Monday’s leftovers
Thursday: Leftovers if we have any or Spaghetti (or something else really easy)
Friday: Rehearsal dinner (my sister gets married the next day! eeks!)

Anyone try out any of the recipes that I did this week? I try to get my family meal posts up on Thursday (a little later this week though), so if you want to join along, you have the weekend to make sure your kitchen is stocked with the right goods! Happy planning!!!

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