January 30, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Barbie now comes in more than one shape! I grew up with lots of Barbies, but we choose not to give our girls Barbies. With what Ben does, we are slightly more sensitive to these types of things, so we don’t let the girls have one. We do like that Mattel is finally acknowledging and celebrating diversity.

I want to sew a dress in a cut like this, and sew a top like this (or turn it into a dress).

Love this pretty indigo bag.

If your waist is 32″, these vintage bell bottoms are only $5.99!

Someone please get this vintage tapestry-like caftan. It would be so cute with some clogs or lace up sandals.

I miss Filipino food. Adobo and bistek, get in my tummy now!

Darling red dress is perfect for a little one on Valentine’s Day. Lots of cool vintage items for kids on Vinyl Kids Vintage, see these plaid pants as proof.

I want Beci Orpin’s newest book, Make and Do.

The girls would love to make these party headbands.

God’s really been showing me how I need to grow in marriage. Ben and I usually agree on everything, but there’s something we’ve been disagreeing about, so we’ve been learning how to listen and love each other well through it. I’ve been more emotional lately because of it, but I know this a trial for my good and God’s glory. I’ve been praying for God to change my hard heart.

With what I mentioned above, I listened to this sermon to help guide my heart towards where it ought to be.

I love the article, “When Scruffy Hospitality Creates Space for Friendship.” Hospitality is part of being the hands and feet of Jesus; it’s such a tangible way to love and serve others. You have to eat, so might as well do it with friends. My mom is the queen of hospitality, and really knows how to show love to others through serving them a meal. While I don’t have her natural giftedness, I’m willing to learn and grow in this area, and the only way to do it is to keep inviting people over.

I’m getting ready to speak at Hope Spoken. I’m so nervous! I wanted to say no because of fear, but that wasn’t a good enough reason to say no, so I said yes. Eek! Any of you going? I don’t know anyone, so please say hi, and let’s be friends! 🙂

Happy weekending!!!


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