our stone fruit harvest

June 20, 2017

This is the first year we’ve been able to harvest any stone fruits from our garden! Some were tastier and sweeter than others, but the ones that were “meh” will be chalked up to them being still so young. As the trees mature, the flavor should too.

Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones that took notice to the new, brightly colored fruit… the birds did as well. It’s discouraging to put all that work in, only to have it sniped by freeloading birds. When we had blueberries, we tried using nets, but that was challenging. Despite our efforts, it wasn’t easy to access the fruit, and once, a birds got INSIDE the net!

One response to the thievery is to have the tree big enough so that there’s plenty of fruit to go around! But that defeats the purpose of having multiple trees in a small space.

This fight is not over!





2 comments on “our stone fruit harvest”

  • Lisa says:

    These fruits look incredible! Congratulations!
    Maybe the nets work better for bigger fruit trees than blueberries?
    Also, you could cook the “meh” fruit for a bit and eat it with vanilla ice cream – it’s my mum’s best trick to use under- and overripe fruit 😉

    • Rubyellen says:

      I slice off the parts that have been pecked and eat it. It does sound good with ice cream though!

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