sister day out

January 19, 2011

Yesterday, my sisters and I spent a whole day thrifting! My brother came over to babysit the two older girls, and with Soul in tow, we went all about from place to place hoping to come across some goodies!
sister day out
We had so much fun together and were just being silly! We had some funny laughs at how badly some of my fuji shots were framed, but I promised it looked right when I looked through the view finder.
sister day out
We found some goodies and I actually found 3 vintage kid dresses and one of them still had tags attached (thanks Heather for your advice)! Baby sister and I were trying to convince middle sister to open an etsy, I don’t think we got very far though. We all have pretty distinctly different styles, so there isn’t any fighting when it comes to who wants what. I am so glad about that!
sister day out
Everyone came home with a nice little stash! And yes, my sister is wearing a power ranger dress. She bought it at the thrift now too long ago and that dress got a whole lot of attention! Everyone was asking her which power ranger was her favorite. I love sister days! Thanks brother for watching the girls!!!
What is your favorite thing to do with your best gal pals or sisters?

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