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June 1, 2009

The weekend’s over?!! Really. Where did time go? That went by so fast. Not that time is too much different for me, since I stay home, nevertheless, I love weekends cause Ben is home. We definitely had a busy one, which included appointments, a birthday party, and being with church family. Busy, but fun.

We went to the 1st birthday party of a sweet little girl. True and I (okay, mostly me), decided to make her a doll. It’s been awhile since I last made one, but I think this one came out sweet with a special little pocket to hold a special little treat.

key doll
What was inside you ask? Well, a special little key because the birthday celebrant is a special little girl named Key

I am about ready to go on a key making extravaganza, so my little girls will have their own keys to play with, cause frankly, Brave and True hold the keys to Ben and my hearts. We love them lots! Love them so much you just want to squeeze them so tight and never let go. Or maybe, we want to lock them in our hearts and throw away the key so they can never leave us, but they will grow and they will leave, but they will always have our hearts. It is amazing a parent’s love for their child, but what is much more amazing is God’s love for us. Yes, His love is much greater. 
Happy Monday as this week will sure be busy… my baby seester is graduating high school. This will be a monumental moment for my parents. Two kids done with college and two more to go. Now, we hold the keys to my parents’ hearts, okay, and Brave and True too (maybe Brave and True more so). Things change when grandkids come along…

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