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January 17, 2011

one year check-upone year check upone year check-up
She had her one year check up on Friday and she is quite the healthy girl (praise God!). The doctor said she is very little, but no surprise there ’cause all my girls were never on the charts anyways (always below), but I am 5 foot tall and Ben is 5’9”, so we are quite little people. My sister came along to help with all the girls, in the case they all had to get shots, but they didn’t and then we all went thrifting/antique hunting after. Lovely way to spend our days!
We are both gonna be selling some old pretty things soon (I actually opened a separate shop back in October to do so, stay tuned). Though, I must admit, I am a bit lazy to list cause I rather be reading a book or cuddling my little babes (or Ben)!!! I will get to it eventually or just keep everything for myself to wear (though, I know Ben would not like that idea!).
This weekend was better than last and I hope yours was too!

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