June 27, 2015

Traveling with our biggest gals today. They'll be spending a month in Texas with their Grandmama. Ben and I will miss them so much (and are kind of nervous), but we are excited for the memories they will create. #braves strikeThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Ben and I dropped off our biggest gals in Texas. They will be staying with their Grandmama (Ben’s mom) for a month, and while we will miss them like crazy, we are excited for the memories they will create with her. I’ve seen her all the activities she plans on doing with them, and they will be completely engaged and loving it. They will learn calligraphy, crocheting, and beading, just to name a few. They promised to write us lots of letters, so I look forward to receiving them!

“You Can’t Serve God and Entertainment” was rebuke to my heart.

Listened to this sermon on repeat this week. I want joy and want to be satisfied by the cross alone. Everything I do to try and fill the hole will leave me empty and only wanting more. #onlyJesussatisfies

I want to make the girls a playhouse like this.

I don’t know why I have never thought about making peanut butter chocolate waffles. I plan on making some soon because it sounds so delicious!

I’m thankful for truth in scripture that renews my heart and transforms my mind.

We had some good conversations with our oldest gals this week. I’m thankful for moments we can share grace and gospel with them, and point them to love Jesus above all.

I did end up sewing myself a black dress like this with black linen (there’s not as much drape, but I’m still happy with the result). I’m thankful for being able to sneak in some restful sewing time.

Our tomato plans are growing like crazy, I think this might be a good tomato year. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Happy weekends friends!


2 comments on “huzzah!”

  • julie says:

    I was excited to learn you listen the Desiring God! That message you listened to is LIFE TRANSFORMING, I tell ya! What a blessing!! Hope you make that little playhouse. And if Grandmama opens up her classes for ladies, please sign me up—it sounds fun!!

  • cristina says:

    im so blessed to read that you listen and obey to Gods amazing voice! esp in this day and age its so easy to conform or be apathetic about all that is going on! glad you guys are keeping the truth alive and well in your home !! your girls will be learning things at grandmas house that i want to learn!! sounds like a lot of fun!!!

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