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February 16, 2011

Yesterday morning, I woke up and saw one mirror with a special little love note, then slowly discovered, rather my little girls ran around the house discovering and yelling to me that every mirror had a message. It was funny cause at first they saw them and were really confused, then they exclaimed, “Mommy! Santa left us Valentines!!! He said, Happy Valentine’s to True, Brave, and Soul!”
Actually, good thing they couldn’t read all my love notes on all the mirrors because they were all quite spicy! The ones I am sharing here are the only tame ones I could share without making me or any of you blush.
love daylove day
Ben and I made a rule this Love Day to make sure we didn’t buy any gifts and just make some homemade valentine’s. I was telling him I wanted some doily hearts with cute messages. Well, he by far exceeded what I imagined and gave me the most sweet and racy messages ever! I loved every single one (they made me giggle) and will be sad when I have to clean them off, but really they aren’t guest appropriate!
I had all my fun notes up, so Santa did make sure to leave a message just for the little ones on their very own mirror in their own room. It was extra special too because Ben came home with a flower for each little one and separately asked each one to be his Valentine. It was such a melt your heart moment. The girls were so excited to put their flower in their own vase and put it in their room.
love day
The day was quite hectic, as I started off the morning working and had to make somethings for the Misha Lulu shoot that happened today. After I was done, I started making Ben’s present. Once that was done, we ate lunch and baked some Valentine cookies. Then, we did some cookie eating and crafting. Then, I finished prepping for when Ben would get home.
On holidays you always want things to go smoothly, but it doesn’t, especially when you try to jam pack things like I did, so I felt bad cause I did do a bit of yelling at the girls while I was stressed out trying to finish Ben’s present. Sometimes, you just have to take a deep breath and move on. I love my girls so and by God’s grace I am learning with how to deal everyday.
Back to the celebrating… we made tea cookies with jam. It was supposed to be heart shaped thumbprints like last year, but they didn’t come out right so we rolled with the punches and just used a cookie cutter in the end (see, I was trying to calmly adapt!). It was still pretty tasty and that is all that matters to the taste buds of these little ones!
love daylove daylove daylove daylove daylove day
These little ones kept sneaking cookies all afternoon long! They were on such a sugar high right before bedtime.
You are probably wondering what it is I made Ben for his homemade Valentine’s that got me all in a hissy fit when I was making it… well, it was a homemade teepee!
love daylove day
I thought it would be fun to spend a sweet, romantic valentine’s night (or any other kind of night) inside cuddling and just loving each other a whole lot!
Call me crazy, or a procrastinator, but I cranked this crazy thing in two and a half hours. Note: I did have all the supplies ready, but I did all the measuring, cutting, and crazy sewing in such a short amount of time that made me a bit of a crank monster as I did so (my poor babies had to deal with me!). I used Rachel’s tutorial as a guide, but also found other teepees I liked online and tweaked things around to get just what I wanted. Despite my crazy self while making this, I really like how it turned out and Ben really loved it too!
love day
When Ben came home we gave him his little Valentine notes, one from the girls and one from me that maybe said something to the effect of cowboy & indian. Then, I brought him upstairs and he saw the teepee. He brought home some of our favorite food, so we had dinner with the girls and gave them some more little love day goodies, then we put them to bed and spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other…
love daylove day
We both didn’t break any rules and made each other a homemade Valentine’s (buying my supplies doesn’t count!) and I really like these homemade Valentine’s… it is quite fun! He actually got me another treat from somewhere else, but it didn’t cost him any money either and I yelped when I saw it, but that is a post for another day!
Hope your love day was just as lovely!!! Really, I am so thankful to God for blessing me with Ben. We fight and do get on each other’s nerves at times, but I really do love being married to this man a whole lot! I think we got a whole lot of spice!!!

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