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March 17, 2015

follow the rainbowfollow the rainbowYesterday afternoon, True was excitedly telling her sisters, “Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and we are going to get surprises.”

I heard that and my eyes got wide. I didn’t plan anything, but my failure to remember this day happens every year. I never remember it until the night before. Thankfully, I have a stash of goodies for an occasion such as this and I hoard craft supplies. Thus, with some kraft containers stuffed with a little wooden car and toy horse, along with gold shreds, we had the perfect “pot of gold” for the end of the rainbow. The rainbow is just made with colorful crepe paper streamers leading from the upstairs hallway to the bottom of the stairs.

See last year’s surprise here, and the year before is found here. This morning, during breakfast, we watched this short clip about St. Patrick. Did you know Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish?! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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  • Vénusia says:

    Thanks for letting me remember also. Since last year, our St-Patrick is about mission. Praying for the missionaries we know and support, since St-Patrick was a missionary. And also talking about trinity. So I’m getting my missionary praying cards ready to pray for them ! Happy St-Patrick’s Day !

  • Jean says:

    This is such a cuuute surprise!!!

    Yep, when I met my bf & found out he’s part Irish, I did a lil’ research on the Irish & found out St. Patrick is not Irish, but British. 🙂 I’d love to travel to Ireland one day! So beautiful!

  • Ali says:

    So adorable! I love it.

  • shannon says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. My son was born on St. Patrick’s day and I want him to know the true significance of who this man was.

  • Karla says:

    I researched a bit about St. Patrick’s Day to talk to my kids about it. We don’t really celebrate it, but I think it’s important to explain the history since lots of other people celebrate it and put decorations everywhere. I told them that, just like lots of other holidays, the religion has been removed and you’re left with things that people invent to try and sell stuff. Even the traditional food for St. Patrick’s day isn’t Irish! Most traditions associated with the holiday are American-ized… but it’s still fun to wear green and eat green food. I showed them a few clips from while we ate mint chocolate chips pancakes. 🙂

  • Jo says:

    You are the best! I love this post!!! Thank you for such lovely ideas!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

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