backyard orchard culture: we’ve got apple trees!

March 18, 2015

winter gardening 2015winter gardening 2015apple treesapple treesapple treesTake 2. The first try was two years ago (see here). We’ve learned a lot since and made some modifications, namely, raised beds.

During the two years, we’ve also learned about Kevin Hauser and his knack for growing apples in hot climates. As a result we’ve been exposed to some non-traditional apples for our area; varieties once thought limited to much colder climates.

Now that they’ve been planted, they really just look like short sticks in the ground. However, we’re hoping that one day, these espaliered trees will be providing us with some excellent apples. We highly recommend Kevin’s trees and how-to manuals, especially for those in hotter areas!


3 comments on “backyard orchard culture: we’ve got apple trees!”

  • Liz says:

    You need to look at I’ve been obsessing over plants for weeks now and you could have millions of free trees off your existing plants. It’s super easy and costs essentially nothing to do.

  • Brooke Knipp says:

    Maybe you already have at some point (sorry if I just missed it)–but I would love to see a wide shot of your entire yard. I can’t picture how all of these wonderful plants and gardens and spaces fit together. Either way, what a great place!

    • Rubyellen says:

      We want to do a video tour of it, but keep forgetting to shoot it every weekend! Hopefully, soon!

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