excited about st. paddy’s day

March 19, 2013

happy st. patty's day!happy st. patty's day!happy st. patty's day!happy st. patty's day!happy st. patty's day!happy st. patty's day! I didn’t have any particular plans to celebrate this day, but True went to do an errand with Ben to a party store and she overheard the sales clerk telling Ben that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and then her celebrating imagination ran wild! She came home jubilantly telling me that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and how excited she was to celebrate it because she exclaimed, in these exact words, “I’m going to be rich!”

Oh my. She had these grand ideas that there was going to be some sort of pot of some sort of gold for her somewhere. Before bed, she even made sure to pick out her green outfit for church and encouraged her sisters to do the same. Well, this mama got in a little panic mode because I wasn’t going to do anything, but thankfully I remembered some pinterest ideas floating around that were easy and quick and that’s what I did. While they were sleeping, I taped up a little sign across their door, so they wouldn’t leave their room and wait for us. Then with an index card, I wrote a little note for each of them to follow the rainbow. The note was attached to a yarn leading them all the way to find their little bag of gold. The bag of gold was more like a couple quarters, dimes, and pennies, but I think it did the job. They were mighty giddy to have their bag of gold!

They even picked out a green dress for me to wear, but it didn’t quite fit, so green pants were the next best thing. I reminded Ben to make sure he put something green on too and we all had ourselves a green day. Ben and I are discovering that True loves holidays. Any kind of holiday! She just has a thing for celebrating and the fact that her birthday is next month is getting her celebrating spirit even more ready. Had we known that the kids were going to be this excited about St. Paddy’s Day, we would have planned a special meal with some green cabbage and potatoes. I guess next year this mama better be ready to give her kids a St. Paddy’s Day feast!

Do you do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

on me: shirt, everlane. denim shirt, madewell. pants, urban outfitters. necklace, oh, hello friend. shoes, anthropologie. on the girls: soulie’s dress is misha lulu, the rest of the dresses are vintage, and target leggings for all. moccasins on soul and glow, c/o freshly picked.

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  • giulia says:

    that is adorable:) true’s going to live a very very fun life!!!

  • rachel says:

    My daughter, Sena, loves to turn everything into a party too, so I was in a similar boat. St. Patty’s happened to fall on the first day of my new Paleo eating plan, so we made Paleo cake with avocado cream cheese icing- umm…not so good.
    But’m I’m pretty glad to have a little person in my life who is always trying to add an ounce of joy and celebration, even if it means some last minute plans need to be in order from time to time.
    You’re family couldn’t look much cuter in their various shades of green. Hope the day was wonderful.

  • That’s really cute about how excited she was and I like the way you had them follow a rainbow to little treasures. That’s adorable.

    We don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ever, but my husband and I are each half Irish (and then a huge mix of other things on the other halves (so therefore our sons are also half Irish). However, growing up I did loads of research on Celtic and Gaelic history and my brothers did as well (we always had a bit of an obsession with Ireland) and we found out that St. Patrick actually killed off the Druids (they were priests of terribly demonic power). Although I don’t agree with the lifestyle choices of the Druids, St. Patrick decided that since they refused to listen to the gospel of Christ, he’d kill them off. I don’t believe that is the way of the gospel, and so while he may be glorified and did help free some slaves and was one himself, the fact that he put blood on his hands because a people group disagreed with him, makes me very angry, so we don’t celebrate and wear black to mourn the lives lost (and mourn events in Ireland like Bloody Sunday and the like). Protestants wear orange by the way, Catholics wear green. the white in the flag is supposed to unite them and be to surrender and be as one together, but obviously that is unsuccessful & the two just are complete enemies even though they both believe in Christ. It is terrible, Ireland’s situations.

    • SarahK says:

      That’s only in Northern Ireland and not in the Republic of Ireland. Catholics and Protestants live peacefully together down south. Any colour of the tri-colour would be happily worn by an Irish person. British Protestants up North tend to fly/wear the Union Jack while Orange men wear black suits, boiler hats and Orange sashes but again that is all only up north.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Order

      Northern Ireland (6 counties: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Derry and Tyrone) is still under British rule and hence considered by Republicans to be occupied territory by the British (traditionally Protestants) and hence the clash.

  • SarahK says:

    Thanks for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day from over here in Ireland! It was a typical Irish rainy cold day but that didn’t dampen our spirits! Although, just a tip. No one in Ireland calls it ‘St. Patty’s Day’ but rather ‘Paddy’s Day’. It’s a real give away that you’re not a ‘local if you say the former. 😉 xx

  • Amanda says:

    I forgot it was St. Patricks day. But I did wear green by accident!
    Pinterest is always there for you with great ideas!

    Your girls are beautiful! It’s good to have a great imagination!

  • Becky says:

    How fun! We miss you girls! Symphony was just talking about them today and how we haven’t had a play date in such a long time :/

  • Alexia says:

    xx, Alexia of In the Mean
    xx, Alexia of In the Mean

  • Morgane says:

    oooh! It’s so lovely! Good idea!

  • I’m just about to put you on my blogs that I follow, so I’m brand new to these parts! But I just wanted to say that you have thee most beautiful family! You and your husband are adorable together, and your girls are absolutely gorgeous!! Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis!

  • I just love your beautiful girls. I´m about to have my second girl, I wish I would have 4 as well

  • Alexe says:

    what’s happened to your third (3) girl on the foto family’s …? she seems to have a pb. sorry for my english !

  • sgrmse. says:

    Who takes your family photos? Or do you make use of a tripod? (:

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