a little switcharoo

March 20, 2013

plant container switcharooplant container switcharooI’ve had my fiddle fig leaf in this basket for awhile now, but wasn’t entirely feeling it. I wanted a white ceramic pot, but not sure if I’m totally feeling that either. Then as I was cleaning up last week, I saw this wire basket that hds just been sitting in the hallway (it used to be the girl’s laundry basket) and thought that might just do it. I sewed a large canvas bag of sorts to put the pot in (I also repotted my tree) and then put that in the wire basket. I definitely like this solution a lot better and it is working with something I already had. Now, that wicker basket is going to be put to some other use for sure. There are always plenty of uses for good baskets.

I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to plant containers, just as I am with pillows. I’m just not really good at coordinating them together. Are you an indoor plant person? If so, what containers do you like to use inside? I’d love some ideas!

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