thursday and some giveaways

February 3, 2011

pretty tree
I have been sick in bed and so has True, so the mess is piling up and my to do list keeps getting longer. I know things will eventually get done, but what do I do to avoid the stress mess?!! I just don’t go into the messy rooms! Ha!
I am glad you are enjoying our sharing of Soul’s birthday as much as we loved having it! The party was in December and weekends are so busy, especially during the holidays, so I figured let’s just have everyone for breakfast and then they can just go on with their day to get their weekend and Christmas shopping done! Though I must admit, I really liked having breakfast foods at a party, that I want to throw another breakfast party again! I may just have to!
Today I have some special giveaways going on so maybe you could get these in time for Valentine’s Day. This year Ben and I agreed just handmade valentine presents, so I still need to figure out what to do!
Check out the Dream Speak Design giveaway for some V-day Cards and the Lisa Leonard giveaway and maybe you can win yourself a Valentine’s day treat!
Thanks friends, have a lovely thursday!!!

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