our citrus trellis

July 14, 2014

citrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trelliscitrus trellisThis is what this area looked like last year, and here it is early this year as we were preparing it for the cor-ten steel beds, and what you see above is how it will stay from now on (hopefully) and in time, with a lot more green. We used cattle fencing (again) and arched them from one bed to another, and 3′ metal stakes to keep them in place. We got the fencing from a local farm supply store and they were so long that we had to rent a u-haul to transport it from there to our home. We put two 16′  long fence pieces in one bed, arched into the one parallel to it. It takes two people to get the fencing put in.

There will be 3 dwarf citrus trees in each bed, and we will train then to follow the arches. I can’t wait until we have this gorgeous walkway of green and citrus fruit; it will be so pretty! Also, the trunks of the trees are painted to prevent it from getting sunburned. We learned this last year and did the same (see here); this year we experimented with an organic approach. This might be my favorite part of the backyard so far!


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  • that’s so cool! i see a pretend wedding ceremony with the girls in your near future 😉

  • Di says:

    Hi Rubyellen. First time commenting here, long time reader. Love your blog. Your backyard is shaping up nicely. Kudos to growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and such. I am interested in knowing what you have growing on your backyard wall? Is that ivy? Is that something that can grow on a chain link fence? How fast does it grow? What is its function, does it bloom, have a fragrance, or yield something to eat (maybe all of the above)? I have a chain link fence between me and my next door neighbor, and I would like a little privacy between us. I have tried growing a potato vine on my side to grow on the fence, but it doesn’t grow thick and you can still see through it. The one on your wall looks lush, so I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for answering my question(s), but if you don’t get to it, no worries. I know you’ve got your hands full. 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      Funny you ask because it’s a wall climbing vine that is from our neighbor. They planted it in their backyard and it’s grown so much that it’s snuck through the brick wall and into our backyard! I love it, so I don’t mind, but I don’t know what it is. When they come over next time, I will try to remember to ask.

  • nikki says:

    what an amazing backyard!!



  • Peppi Cooley says:

    Love your daily posts – I found you via Dana’s website MADE.
    Peppi xx (Sydney, Australia)

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