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April 7, 2011

This painting is called “baby”.
It is this painting we started long ago, then just finished here a week or so ago. It was done with acrylic on a 36”x36” canvas. What also makes it special is that it is a collaboration between Ben (when we first started), but mainly done by me, True, and Brave. I can’t say it didn’t come without some frustrations when a line would suddenly appear where I didn’t think it needed to be, but the whole experience is definitely something we all enjoyed doing together (though it really did test my patience).
I have been in love with painters Michelle Armas and Flora Bowley for awhile now, so this is definitely inspired by the things they do. Though I could never replicate their utter loveliness! I am by no means a painter, so this was my first real stab at painting something abstract, but I loved the process so much. The colors are some of my favorites that can seen in little pops throughout our house.
At first I was so stuck since I am not a “painter” I didn’t know what direction to take this. I didn’t have a story or meaning. Then, I thought about where we were as a family and what we were preparing for and it came to me… baby! This is what this painting means to us. It was started when we only had two, completed when we had three, and marked our coming to four.
It is large and now hanging in the front room of the house. You will get a room tour soon, but it may be somewhere special. The girls are proud of it as they could tell you what corners they were working on (Brave the top left, True the top right and the white strokes throughout). Ben loved it when he saw the completed painting and that is all the thumbs up we need!
We may be addicted painters now and we may or may not already have two new canvases out to work on. Hope you don’t mind seeing more of our messy art in these spaces! We don’t know exactly what we are doing, but we do know it is a whole lot of fun!!!

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  • Eleni says:

    This is so wonderful – what an amazing memory for your children, to have created something together, with you. I bet they'll fight over who gets to take it with them when they move out and have families of ther own someday!

  • Michele says:

    Awe! I looooove this! Such a wonderful idea to have a family painting. I love all of the colors. 🙂

  • I think it's wonderful! You already have a strong intuition about color and composition and it shows in this painting… the colors are nicely balanced and they move you around the work. Sometimes it's hard to separate yourself from the piece to see it totally objectively but from our viewpoint, it's really good!!!

  • Aww!! What a beautiful story this painting has!
    It's so lovely x

  • Ruth Abel says:

    So awesome. I love how you all worked on it together. I want to do something like this too, but I have a feeling that involving my one year old might make for something a little less display worthy. 🙂

  • Katie says:

    This is beautiful – you girls did a lovely job! The colours are fab…

  • So beautiful! I think you have a little family of artists 🙂 I would so hang this in my home even! I love the colors. Very pretty!

  • Jenny D. says:

    That turned out amazing! I can relate to your patience issue completely. I have tried doing a painting with my children and it's hard to not get frustrated because everyone has a different vision! Now that they are a bit older, they get their own canvases to go along with our larger “teamwork” painting. Great memories!

  • *amanda* says:

    Loooove this painting…
    …and Loooove the story involved with it. ♥ ♥

  • welliewalks says:

    this is really really gorgeous and so meaningful! it will be and is such a treasure! inspiring!

  • Roxanne says:

    Looks great! I work for an art store and would be more than happy to answer any material questions you might have. My store is rad and has pretty much everything under the sun, and a really good kids section too. I am in Maine but there is a location in Berkeley, SF and one in LA if you ever want to check it out. It is called Artist & Craftsman Supply.

    – Rox

  • Yasmeen says:

    Wow,this is amazing!I love it!I think everybody who visits will love it,too!I can see so many different things,that's what's great about art,you can interpret it so many ways sometimes.When I first glanced at it,I felt peace and it looked as if there was a hot air balloon rising up in the sky into the atmosphere with the blue clouds near and the farmland is the distance….it's just pure happiness!I'm too chicken to try art,so i'll just admire yours! 🙂


  • I love this so much! The colors are amazing and it is so soft! A very happy painting for a living room. 🙂

  • Misha Lulu says:

    Very nice work from all of you! It's so beautiful!

  • Rubyellen says:

    thank you for your nice things about the painting. i don't consider myself a painter by all means (let alone of something so abstract), but i did enjoy the whole process. we want to do more!!!

  • Lucy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Catherine says:

    I LOVE it! Gorgeous colour palette, and the abstract belly to the right is too much. Cute, cute, cute. I hope you're doing well over there xx

  • Beautiful. I can't imagine you having been frustrated by this painting. It's so soft and gentle looking. No signs of frustration to be found. Just loveliness.

  • Jen says:

    Love it! I now want to make one with my kiddos, and I'm definitely not a “painter,” but I love the idea of making such a fun memory!
    I have been “lurking” on your blog for over a year (don't even remember how I found you), and I LOVE to read about your latest projects, creative ideas, and encouragement as a fellow believer!
    I was due with my third about the time you had Soul, and it was fun to see how our lives were parallel in dealing with two other little ones while having morning sickness, cravings, etc. I'm pregnant again, due in late September, so here we go again! 🙂
    You that you have encouraged me as a mama and wife – and definitely inspired me in the “art” of making a home! Thanks so much!

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