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May 25, 2011

Those peanut butter yogurt cravings come nightly, but it has been getting costly to keep sending Ben to the yogurt place around the corner to fetch me some, so I decided I needed to another way to satisfy these nutty cravings. After dinner last night, I quickly went online looking for a good peanut butter cookie recipe. I came across this one from Smitten Kitchen and decided that would be the one to try!
Wowee! It is good. Really good. Or maybe that is the hormonal mama talking. I had to tweak a few things because as I was mixing, I realized I had no vanilla extract so I went on food subs to find a substitute (amazing site by the way), but realized I didn’t have anything to substitute still, so then we went digging and found some vanilla vodka in the pantry, so I put a teaspoon of that in! HA! The cookies taste good, so I guess that works as a good substitute.
peanut butter cookiespeanut butter cookiespeanut butter cookies
Now I got a whole batch of cookies and one person to share it with… Brave! Not that she will complain about that. Ben isn’t a fan of peanut buttery things unless it is a pb&j sandwich, True is allergic to peanuts, and we don’t give Soul cookies willy nilly just yet. Between Brave and me these cookies will be gone in a flash!
Speaking of hormonal, I think maybe all these nutty things have made me nutty. Ben called me yesterday on the way home and said he wanted to work out for 15 minutes. I threw a fit! I wasn’t prepared for that. It didn’t turn into much of a fight because he didn’t do it, but it was kind of funny. Somehow him telling me that, made me a grump. So weird. Then, when we were talking I started crying. About what? I don’t even remember. Plus, I have been extra clingy and wanting cuddling. I am already a cuddler as it is, so the fact I want more is hilarious. As soon as Ben gets home, I am up in his grill and trying to make out with him all the time. Hormonal much? Yeah. I think so.
All this to say… have a great day folks! Try to not be as nutty as me…

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