June 2, 2011

I can’t think about what to write except about some personal things have been going on over here. I have said this before and I will say this again, I am so normal and the normal things everyone else goes through, I go through too. With that even I fight with my sisters and parents, not so much my brother, but we had plenty of those when we were younger!
I look at my daughters and wonder how birth order will affect them. Not that it always does, but I think in some cases they do. I am the oldest and so I have the reputation of being more bossy and headstrong. Is it cause I am the oldest or just part of my make up? I am not really sure. Probably both. These things definitely play into my personality and I am aware how those things can be useful and at the same time those things can border the lines of being sinful.
I definitely see True as being more bossy, Brave is a bit sweeter, and Soul is a big copycat. I was 4 years older than my brother, then 7 over my middle sister, and 10 years over the baby of the family, so I was always in a completely different stage of life from them. My children, on the other hand, will all pretty much going through it all together. I will have 4 kids in high school at the same time! I wonder how their age and personality differences will play out when they are older and trying to help each other navigate this life together.
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