friday hurray!

June 18, 2011

flowers from the garden
More flowers picked from the garden. I really hate cutting them because I don’t like seeing it flower-less outside, but I know that cutting will help more growing and that is a good thing. Plus, I like seeing flowers inside, so that makes it all the better!
It is Father’s Day on Sunday and we honestly have nothing figured out quite yet! That is what today is for. Ben doesn’t want me to make a big deal out of it, and honestly, it will be pretty low key this year. But by golly! He is a great father and deserves to have a great day enjoying his role, so we will definitely be doing something to celebrate! We love our Papi a whole lot and want to make sure he knows!!!
This week was a whirlwind. Seriously. But here is what I learned:
Double dates with the BFF via video chat is fun, but in person would be better! Now, just gotta make that happen. Can you believe we have never been on a double date together before?!!
Hulu comes in handy when I need to put away laundry. The girls are getting to know the cartoons of the 80’s.
– Too many oreos make me feel sick.
– Third trimester tiredness is starting to hit.
– Lack of time resting in God (and reading His Word) really makes me feel tired.
– I am in love with sewing again.
– Check out my newest ideabook on Houzz. It is all about modern finds for little kids’ spaces. It is fun doing pretend shopping for my kids’ rooms!
Life is so busy. I know this week I wasn’t as intentional with my time with the girls, but there was just so much to do. Really, how does one ever catch up?!! I wish I could clone myself. One to do all the house managing/project stuff and one to just focus on the girls. Man oh man. Being a mom and wife is hard work. It sounds (and may look dreamy) and I do really love the job a whole lot, but it really sure ain’t easy!
Enjoy your weekend friends cause I sure will (and will be wishing it lasts just a wee bit longer)!

14 comments on “friday hurray!”

  • megan lane says:

    those are growing in your backyard?! wow, you are lucky!! i love both those kinds of flowers, especially poppies – i never see them anywhere. perhaps they are more common in cali. so pretty!!

  • Aww your pregnant…happiness! I am a new reader and follower so this is new news to me…but congrats!! Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  • Vivienne says:

    gOrgeOus phOdie & love your post xx


  • those flowers are gorgeous. and i have nothing planned for father's day yet either! eeeesh

  • *Trisha* says:

    Happy Father's Day weekend (: Wishing your family (and the daddy in your family) blessings (:

  • Emma says:

    Ah, the ever elusive 'catching up', I know that feeling very well! When my 3 girls were little and went for a nap I would always feel I should be doing things to catch up the whole time, then after a while I realised I would never be caught up! So, the first thing I would do would be to sit down with a cup of tea and just 'stop' for a while, then I knew even if I got nothing else done before they woke up I had used my time well – nurturing my soul a little was far more beneficial to my girls than anything else I may have got done, though I still feel I don't always get the balance right..
    Love your blog!

  • nelson says:

    It is so SO inspiring to tag along in your wife/mom adventures. You're right, it is not an easy job but it is SO important & my faith in it is renewed when I read your blog. So thank you.

  • I love flowers inside the house too! I also love having vines growing in the house. They are all growing in pretty vases with only water in them. I'm amazed at how fast they grow compared to ones living in dirt!
    I hope you have a great weekend. I haven't picked up a bible in what feels like eons, yet I believe in God an trust Him. I definitely notice a huge difference between when I read the bible regularly and when I don't. I think about my actions and their consequences more often, and I also tend to have a more positive, hopeful outlook in general. Good luck and I hope that you find some time to read again! (maybe read some to the kids before bed??) 🙂

  • jane says:

    me too! sooooo tired! all. the. time! (10 weeks to go!)

    can't wait to see you next friday!

  • jozen says:

    i feel guilty when i decide to do laundry instead of spend time with the girls, but when i spend time with the girls, i feel guilty for not doing laundry!

    it's a vicious cycle! LOL

  • Linda Park says:

    summer breaking = play time

  • Allison says:

    That is an absolutely gorgeous photo. I'm sorry to hear about the oreo problem, because those things are totally delicious.

  • Miss Kait says:

    I can't get over the colours of these flowers!!!
    double dates are so much fun! Glad to hear you are sewing again! I recently just refell inlove with it too

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