huzzah, friday!

June 10, 2011

vintage frames
Today was a good day. Went to the doctor, then hurried home to pick up my girls and baby sister (she slept over) and went thrifting. Oh yeah! Came home with a few goodies, which may or may not include more maxi skirts, some vintage dresses (for when my waistline comes back or for my future shop if I ever find more time), a vintage dress for the girls, and a new collection of teeny vintage frames. I have been re-arranging the family room and Ben suggested more family pictures (we really don’t have many around the house), so I was determined to find some vintage frames that would fit what I had in mind. I am excited about those finds most!
Learned and (a need) this week…
– God uses friends to help us follow his particular nudging in our hearts (thanks Danni!) even though it is something we don’t want to do.
– It is important to be intentional in teaching your children. If you aren’t, the time will pass you by and you will regret you didn’t use the time God gave you wisely.
– You all are so supportive (though I already knew that) and I appreciate you having my back with this yucky situation (it seems the fraudulent post has been removed sans an apology).
– I have two favorite colors… turquoise (different shades of it) and kelly green. I really gravitate to those colors a lot.
– Brave tends to mumble when reciting poems back. It is really funny!
– Having a sister who cleans your bathrooms in exchange for etsy goodies is a pretty good deal!
– I really need a yellow/mustard dress for a wedding that I am in (we all get to choose our own dress). Nothing seems to be going well with this baby bump of mine! Any suggestions anyone? I ordered some from modcloth, but none of them work at all. Argh! Help someone!
Ben is on his way home and we have to figure out our Friday night plans. So happy the weekend is here… huzzah!!!

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