a six-nniversary homecation

July 25, 2011

Not only did we do a staycation to celebrate our Six-nniversary, but we did a homecation! We dropped the girls off at my parents’ Friday night, went a quick little dinner date, did some grocery (had to do extra on Saturday morning too) then headed home.
It was super duper nice to have peace and quiet in the house, wake up late (9am is late for us), go to the grocery together, cook together (okay, Ben cooked and I watched and chatted), have romantic dinners by the candlelight, watch movies, not change any diapers, and just do a lot of loungin’ and lovin’ all weekend long. We weren’t in the mood to be out and about. We spend so much time making our house a home, working to pay for our house and getting caught up in the busyness of life that we never just get to really enjoy our home and relax in it. The weekend was exactly what we wanted and needed. I think I am about ready for another homecation!
On Saturday night, the menu included Brown Rice Paella (substituted soyrizo for chorizo) and rice pudding for dessert. The paella was amazing, but my rice pudding… um, not so much. We even got a paella pan and Ben got fancy cooking it outside on the grill (thanks to a crash course from Alton Brown). We set up a little romantic spot outside for us and enjoyed the food, each other, and being under a canopy of twinkle lights.
home-cation dinnershome-cation dinnershome-cation dinnershome-cation dinners
Sunday night’s menu was Chicken Tikka Masala (substituted greek yogurt for whole milk yogurt and heavy cream) on basmati rice accompanied with some fresh Mango Lassi. My dessert this night turned out much better than the rice pudding! The recipe was pretty good, but it did have a bit of a “canned tomatoey taste”. We will be trying another recipe in the future.
home-cation dinners
home-cation dinnershome-cation dinners
We totally loved being able to enjoy our home, kitchen, and our backyard. The best part was just being together. We are able to have 6 years under our belt only by God’s amazing grace. There is nothing special about us that we are able to sustain a happy marriage, the only reason we are able is because of Christ. When we celebrate our marriage, we are celebrating Christ and the covenant we are in with Him and with each other.
The girls came home late Sunday night and we continued our celebrating with them by taking them to the beach the next day and we ended the night grabbing some yogurt at our favorite place around the corner.
It was an utterly perfect and completely chill weekend. We definitely need to have more of these!
And in case you missed our slice of life videos, I made a couple for our homecation. I couldn’t find my Zumi so these were made using Ben’s iphone and the iSupr8 app. It is pretty cool, but the developing is kind of a pain. I will be definitely looking for a much more quick filming friendly app.
Every time we go on a trip, we normally have a special playlist to help us mark that time, even though we didn’t go anywhere, we still had one, so all weekend long we listened to Me & Mr. Cassidy. Love them! Hope you enjoy our videos…

And in case you are wondering, the workshop went fantastic! There is so much to blog about it and that will be coming some time this week. And now that the workshop is over, I promise our love story will continue too…

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